Fasting and Autophagy

It has been discovered is that we have the power to activate autophagy. As if that news wasn’t good enough, the better news is that we don’t have to go see a Doctor or go to the pharmacy to pick some drug.

Epigenetics and Reverse Aging

Reversibility of epigenetic alterations “Unlike DNA mutations, epigenetic alterations are reversible. Indeed, epigenetic changes are introduced by enzymes and their actions are modulable. In addition, the signaling pathways regulating these enzymes can be targeted by drugs. Finally, changes in behavior and lifestyle can also modify epigenetic alterations.” See the full article here: Reversibility of epigenetic alterations To […]

My Evolution With Food

While attending the American Academy of Anti-Aging (A4M) World Congress Convention in Las Vegas I heard several lectures on food and nutrition. These lectures changed my perspective on how I see food. If you have been reading this blog for some time you know I have been a big proponent of high protein, high good […]

I’ll sleep when I’m dead

Have you ever said that? I know I have. But at least now I know better. There is mounting evidence of the damage that lack of sleep is causing. We all know sleep is necessary for multiple reasons. But did you know that the lack of sleep has been tied to dementia and cancer? If […]

Epigenetics and Aging

This article discusses three pathways of regulation of DNA that directly affect aging.

Big Pharma Killing More Americans Than Guns

The media and congress are all talking about gun control while thousands more are killed by prescription drugs like Fentanyl. It’s time to pay attention before it kills someone you love. Weapon of Mass Destruction Unleashed on Unsuspecting Americans The pharmaceutical industry spends more than any other industry on influencing politicians, with two lobbyists for […]

Total Human Optimization

This is a must watch. Once you see this interview with Dr. Daniel Stickler you will see why I am so excited about the future. The science behind epigenetics can and will change how we view aging. We have control over how our gene expression shows up in our lives. We are no longer bound […]

Apeiron and Me

I want to live to my full potential. I will always be in search of how I can get this body to function at its fully optimized potential. With the science we now have in Genomics and Epigenetics this is as close to that realization as we have ever come in the existence of humans on this planet.

I Love This Article

Finally main stream media is catching up. The one size fits all diet era is finally coming to an end. We all have our own set of genes. How these genes interact with environment becomes the expression. To put that more simply, it is what you see in the mirror and more importantly what you […]

Happy Mothers Day 2019

In recognition of all Moms out there, I would like to thank you and wish you a Great Mother’s Day Weekend. All of you that spend sleepless nights and endless days caring and worrying about your family, you deserve more than one day of recognition. Remember to be able to help and serve your family, […]