Day 1 of Water Only Fast

September 30, 2019 | By R.Gamiz

25 hours without food

As day one of my first water only fast comes to a close, I feel surprising well. I have done the 5 day fasting mimicking diet a few times, but after listening to Peter Attia I looked into this further then ever before. If you have been keeping up with my facebook posts you know last week was all about fasting. You can find the reasons why I fast in some of my other blog posts.

I started to prepare my body for what was coming last week. On Friday I began to reduce my carb intake. This transition period is key. I also stopped having coffee on Friday. That was hard. Had to have little coffee in the afternoon on Friday and Saturday to get rid of the headache. Had dinner at 8 pm last night and haven’t eaten since

Got up this morning as usual. Had decaf green tea. Went to the office for a few hours. Left the office at 12:30. Only felt some hinger about 12 pm. Maybe just habit. No big deal. Had a few appts and some things to take care of in the afternoon. Had carbonated water with tablespoon of apple cider vinegar about 3 pm. The ACV helps with hunger and minerals.

Skipped dinner, went for a walk instead. Tell you the truth I feel hunger but definitely not overwhelming . I am not tired. About to listen to a lecture on Epigentics and athletic performance.

To summarize I feel better than I thought I would. I feel good, This is not as hard as I thought it was going to be. I plan on going three days. Look for an update tomorrow night.

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