EDC’s, Western Diet and Premature Aging

June 23, 2020 | By R.Gamiz

Endocrine Disrupting Chemical’s (EDC’s) are everywhere. We can use and buy products with no or limited amounts of PBA and Parabens, but these chemicals are everywhere now. We can limit the amount we are exposed to but we can not eliminate all exposure. Exposure to these chemicals in childhood has been shown to cause epigenetic changes that not only affect us as we age but are also trans-generational. Just to make that little clearer, those changes are then past on to further generations. So you can see why it is so important to limit the exposure of these products to our children.

This is just one article on how EDC exposure during childhood accelerates the aging of liver cells. Then add in a diet high in fat and sugar and the results are not good.


Some of us are better at clearing out the environmental toxins we are exposed to every day. There are measures we can take to mitigate this exposure, but we will never eliminate it completely. Through a comprehensive DNA test, we can now see how well or not your glutathione system works to clear these out. There are ways to upregulate this system. If this something you like to know more about and get expert guidance schedule a free call with me.

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