August 17, 2017 | By R.Gamiz

The simplest way to make permanent changes in your health and happiness is to start with Baby steps. We have all acquired habits. Ones, which may have started in childhood. Others as a teenager ( imagine that). And many as an adult. But not created by your conscience control. Your current habits have lead you to where you are now. The first step in getting and staying healthy is to hack into these systems for living that are not helping us.  Once you decide to change a habit you have begun to change the trajectory of your life and your health. After one week the person may not notice any difference but the laws of nature have begun to do there work. From the smallest of cells in your body the changes have begun. The ripple is beginning to take form. As time passes and you keep your thoughts positive and your energy focused on your goals. A month a year goes by and the gap has now widened enough for the person to see a distinct difference from where they are now and where they would have been if they had not made up their mind to change even a single habit. For example: if you place a car in New York and its wheels are true and the road straight and you point the car to San Diego the car will reach San Diego. But if at the very beginning of the journey you change the direction of the wheels by just 1 degree that car is not going to reach San Diego, it may not even hit California. This is the power of our habits.

Many Health and wellness experts want you to make drastic changes right from the beginning, Which may be needed for some of us. But in reality if the changes are drastic and no change is made to mindset or believe systems, the changes will be temporary. We all know somebody who went on a diet lost some weight but, after 6 weeks or 3 months went back to their original habits and gained all the weight back and likely even more than they lost. This happens because the change was not deep and fundamental. We can manage to fight off cravings for a time and have enough will power to go against our habits for a time. But our cells make only so much energy on a daily basis. Did you know that 20% of the energy your body makes on a daily basis is used by your brain? Who knows how much energy it takes to battle these urges and cravings on a daily out hourly basis. Its no wonder we fail.

The better way to make change permanent is to start with Baby steps. 1 degree at a time. This is how we can hack into our biology to live better than we have before. In the following pages and entries I will be presenting you with new and different belief systems. Some will be easy to adopt and other you may feel are pretty far out there and not for you.  But there are many times in our life’s that we are presented with new ideas that we are not quite ready for, but we should not discard them entirely. We can just set those to the side and come back and revisit them later. Read all of the entries. Start by picking the ones the you feel are easy for you to make permanent in your life. After 2-3 weeks of exercising your new way of doing something and you feel comfortable, pick the next area you want to work on. There is no hurry, do this at your own pace, but remember its your health and well being on the line. Now that you’ve had some wins, got the ball rolling and some momentum going, with easy beliefs systems start to look for ones that are going to be a little harder for you to adopt. Soon enough you will realize that you have made permanent changes that you had never been able to make before.

Imagine whatever your vice is, cookies, cake, doughnuts, soda, etc… brought into a meeting or your office or you walk in to a friends with these already there. If you were on a diet and you managed not to have any or just  “little bit”. You would think to yourself I was really good today  you might even give yourself a “reward”.

Now imagine this same situation but when you leave you think  Wow that was strange, I never even had the urge to eat any of that. That’s the kind of change I’m talking about. Deep, fundamental changes. Not superficial or temporary.